RSF Community Award

Restaurant Strong Fund Community Award

The Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund and Grubhub want to award and further aid small business restaurants throughout the country who have made a positive impact on the communities they serve. We want to highlight the stories and examples of selfless acts, good deeds, community builders and local heroes from within the restaurant industry.

We are now accepting nominations for restaurants and their employees for the Restaurant Strong Community Award made possible by the Grubhub Community Fund. If you or someone you know has impacted your community in a positive way, this Award will honor the recipient for working towards a better community.

To be eligible for an award, a restaurant must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Completed application form
  • The restaurant must be currently open and operating
  • Provide at least one reference and/or link to news articles, program initiatives, or any other sites to showcase the community impact
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the restaurant positively impacts the community 
Ideally this grant will allow the restaurant or employee to continue supporting their communities. Grants will range from $1,000 – $5,000 and will be given out on a monthly basis. Through 2022, the Restaurant Strong Fund is committed to funding a minimum of $500,000 with this program.