Restaurant Strong Update – April 30

When we started the Restaurant Strong Fund with our amazing partners Samuel Adams we had one goal in mind, to help as many restaurant employees impacted by Covid-19 as we possibly could. We started the campaign on March 16th in Massachusetts and within a week we raised over $500,000 and received well over 10,000 grant applications. With its success in Massachusetts and with tremendous support of Samuel Adams we expanded the campaign to 20 states total.

As we sit here today, the Restaurant Strong Fund has raised $2,981,646 and received over 107,000 grant applications. The outpouring of support has been tremendous but the need has been even greater. With our grant application closing today, our single focus moving forward is to continue to raise money to support those as many people as possible. We continue to receive donations everyday and more and more organizations and foundations are stepping up. We are inspired to continue to help as many of the 107,000 families and individuals as we can but we need your help and support to do so. Please continue to share the Restaurant Strong message, make donations to the fund and support the companies and organizations who are holding fundraisers to raise even more money.

To those grant applicants who have not heard from us yet, thank you for your patience. We are doing everything we can to try and assist you. You will receive an update by no later than May 15th.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your support means more to the families and individuals receiving grants than you can ever imagine.